Marketing Automation Services:
Overcoming the Challenges and Reaping the Benefits

Companies are increasingly adopting marketing technology as a means to measure, automate and enhance their sales and marketing efforts. However B2B marketers, who are excited by the prospect of marketing automation as an answer to many of their problems, find that it can create the following types of challenges:


Inability to measure what really matters

Inability to measure marketing effectiveness and business contribution.

Poor integration with CRM and other systems

Lack of automation across marketing and sales tools.

A system that is too complex for most users

Complexity that adds excess time and expense to launches.

A solution that fails to live up to its promise

Obtaining less than expected value from an important investment.


Our mission is to deliver four specific outcomes:

leverage marketing automation


  1. Optimize your investment in marketing technology.
  2. Use technology to support a streamlined lead-to-revenue process.
  3. Provide measurable and achievable ROI.
  4. Implement systems and processes that are usable and productive.

How We Help

The Fusion Marketing Partners team will guide you through the abundance of tools and technologies on the market, ranging from broadly focused management tools to targeted point solutions. We believe that business strategy always drives processes, which then impact the selection and implementation of marketing technology. As a result, instead of pushing one or two solutions, we work with a variety of tools and technologies that fit specific implementations. We understand how to connect the strategy, processes and technology to optimize output. Our MA services include:

Marketing Automation and Technology

  • Lead-to-revenue and sales funnel modeling
  • Assist in selection of marketing automation, website and CRM solutions
  • Implement and integrate solutions
  • Configure each solution for maximum effectiveness
  • Perform gap analysis and optimize existing systems
  • Migrate systems for more appropriate fit

Marketing as a Service – Managed Care

Our FMP team has a great deal of experience working within various marketing automation, CRM, social media, website and sales enablement systems. We can leverage this expertise by adding great value to both your marketing and sales initiatives by managing all or part of these systems on a permanent or temporary basis.

  • Operate system as necessary for maximum effectiveness
  • Train clients on best practices until self-sufficiency is achieved
  • Define and execute the most efficient processes, including
  1. Lead scoring
  2. Website visitor identification and tracking
  3. Campaign management and optimization
  4. Social media integration
  5. Sales notification management
  6. Dynamic form creation
  7. List segmentation, cleanup and management
  8. Campaign analytics
  9. Pipeline reports
  10. Behavior tracking

To learn more about how to choose and implement marketing automation technology and services, download our free white paper Navigating the B2B Marketing Automation Minefield. If you would like to discuss your specific needs, please contact us at