Generating Demand and Growing Revenue

If current leads and inquiries fall short of what you need to drive growth and profit, Fusion Marketing Partners brings years of experience — and the latest best practices — to bear on driving new business.

Our team brings decades of experience in solving sales and revenue problems for every imaginable B2B challenge. Together, we will dig into your unique situation and build a scalable and cost-efficient pipeline that drives profitable revenue growth.

demand generation services
Demand Generation Playbook

We quickly integrate with your internal stakeholders and vendors to develop a comprehensive — and accountable — lead acquisition plan. From first encounter to closing the sale, we examine every step and lay the foundation for future improvement.

Demand generation is most effective when designed and executed within the context of your revenue targets and marketing/sales operation. The playbook helps systematize optimized marketing and sales processes to scale revenue growth.

Cost-Effective Lead-to-Revenue Plans

We know you’re not investing in just another “great plan.” Our clients prize us for our bulldog work ethic in executing optimized, state-of-the-art plans that drive your business goals. The rest is just noise.

Our team has been responsible for the viability of startups and accountable for the efficacy of multi-million-dollar marketing budgets. Every day we work together, the FMP team will utilize our talents and knowledge to help boost your company’s growth and create a cost-effective revenue machine.

Vigorous Execution

There are no “theorists” at FMP. We leverage our proven knowledge of B2B marketing best practices into decisive, consistent execution that “moves the ball forward” every week. We execute the inbound and outbound strategies covered in the Lead-to-Revenue Playbook.

Sales Process Audit

We often find that clients are slowed down by foundational issues within the B2B sales and marketing processes themselves. We provide immediate clarity into your existing framework and deliver effective next steps.

Marketing and Sales Integration

Many companies suffer from a lack of cohesion between their marketing and sales processes. Every point of slippage is a missed opportunity. We are experts at aligning marketing and sales to build a more efficient lead-to-revenue (L2R) framework.

Constant Measurement and Improvement

In the age of continuous product releases and vigorous competition, we don’t assume that what worked last quarter will work for the next. As your campaigns mature, we track the results of every executed tactic, compare it to your goals, and use the gathered data to optimize outcomes and lower costs.