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Demand Generation

With deep expertise in demand generation programs across numerous industries, Fusion Marketing Partners understands how to align potential buyers with your unique sales processes. Our deep knowledge of “best practices” and proven ability to vigorously execute strategy will build a predictable, scalable and cost-efficient pipeline of inquiries to feed your sales process and drive revenue. Integrated into the overall lead-to-revenue model for your business, FMP’s demand generation capabilities are tailored to generate the flow of leads you require. Typical demand generation activities include:

  • Develop monthly/quarterly lead plans
  • Research and select the best inbound and outbound lead sources, including:
    • Online (e.g. pay-per-click)
    • Email
    • Events
    • Multi-media
  • Create digital lead nurture campaigns
  • Execute demand generation programs
  • Test, monitor, and refine programs


Revenue Growth Strategy

The right marketing and sales strategy has a tremendous impact on the effectiveness of execution. Fusion Marketing Partners understands how to work with a multitude of variables unique to your business operation, including the sales process, buyer journey, industry factors, buyer timing, product pricing and conversion ratios, to create a highly effective strategy for success.

  • Advise on most effective marketing and sales models
  • Create low-cost customer acquisition strategy
  • Build end-to-end marketing and sales machine
  • Create multi-channel programs (direct, partner and online)
  • Monitor, refine and improve results


Branding and Content

In B2B marketing, a clear, compelling and differentiated brand is critical. FMP’s five branding principles are a key foundational element in positioning your solution or business for growth and help you stand out in even the most competitive market.
Your brand encompasses the entire spectrum of your company, from its outward appearance to its internal structure. This reality points out two distinctly different areas of brand impact on your business: outward, market-facing impact and inward, internal impact. FMP has a profound understanding of branding from working with companies across a breadth of industries and serves as your guide in building a competitive and differentiated brand.

  • Develop company and product branding and positioning
  • Create messaging platform
  • Create content plans that align to the buying cycle
  • Develop pull marketing and social media plan
  • Write copy for website, collateral and lead-gen offers
  • Execute blog and social media plan


Online and Website Marketing

In the B2B marketplace, your website is the focal point of your online presence. It’s where visitors, prospects and customers come to learn about your solutions, your industry, and your company. FMP understands how to enhance and leverage the value of your website to be much more than an online business card. A strong online presence coupled with a powerful website is crucial in attracting new prospects to your offering. FMP provides a blended mix of marketing, writing and technical expertise to strengthen your online and website marketing execution.

  • Optimize existing website for attraction and conversion
  • Develop and launch new website (as needed)
  • Create new content to achieve online goals
  • Develop and launch search engine optimization (SEO) strategy
  • Develop and launch social media outreach campaigns
  • Create and execute online demand generation


Sales and Marketing Technology

Companies are increasingly adopting marketing technologies as a means to measure, automate and enhance their sales and marketing efforts. We will guide you through the abundance of tools and technologies on the market, ranging from broadly focused management tools to targeted point solutions.
At FMP, we believe that business strategy always drives processes, which then impact the selection and implementation of marketing technology. As a result, we work with a variety of tools and technologies that fit specific implementations. We understand how to connect the strategy, processes and technology to optimize output.

  • Assist in selection of marketing automation, website and CRM solutions
  • Implement and integrate solutions
  • Configure each solution for maximum effectiveness
  • Define and execute most efficient processes
  • Operate solutions as necessary until client self-sufficiency is achieved
  • Train clients on best technology practices