Creating Your Unstoppable
B2B Marketing and Sales Machine

marketing and sales machineWhat is an Unstoppable Marketing
and Sales Machine?

An Unstoppable Marketing and Sales Machine is an optimized, scalable set of people and processes that produce massive brand awareness, drive a planned volume of qualified leads, and produce revenue results that meet business goals.

More Revenue at Lower Cost

We aggressively execute a proven mix of B2B marketing tactics designed to reach your prospect and fill your sales funnel with quantifiable leads. We build you a marketing and sales machine that is:

  • Predictable: Every company has its unique product set, target audience, pricing, and more, so it takes time to get the model right. But then performance can be reliably predicted. In one case, FMP could reliably estimate both quarterly lead volume and cost-per-lead to within 2%.
  • Relentless: Once going, the machine takes on a life of its own. You add fuel (time and money) into one end of the funnel and revenue comes out at the other end of the funnel.
  • Constantly Improving: With correct setup, there are opportunities to optimize and improve for better results. A $90 lead this quarter should be an $85 lead next quarter.
  • Quantifiable: A marketing and sales machine is measured on how it performs in driving awareness, leads and revenue. All three areas are measurable indicators.