How Fusion Marketing Partners Helps You Generate Qualified Leads

generating leadsCompanies that use a multi-step sales process or have a field sales force know that lead generation can be a critically important component of their business. Consistent, quality lead flow fuels B2B sales success and is critical to achieving your business revenue performance. At Fusion Marketing Partners, our B2B lead generation specialists work with you to define your lead requirements, design a strategic lead generation plan, and execute that plan to achieve exactly the results you need to meet your revenue goals.

Specifically, Fusion Marketing Partners accelerates your lead generation success with our following 10 point lead generation strategy:

  1. Help you thoroughly understand your target audience, in terms of:

    • Who they are: titles, industries, gender, education level, etc.
    • What they care about: motivations, business drivers, etc.
    • What they read and listen to: where they go to find useful business information.
    • Why they choose to do business with one company and not another.
  2. Based on this in-depth knowledge of the target audience, create offers that are:

    • Compelling.
    • Timely.
    • Relevant.
    • Easy to respond to.
  3. Create, deploy and manage multi-faceted lead generation campaigns to achieve lead generation success.
  4. Increase lead flow while lowering cost per lead by tracking and managing multiple campaigns. Through continual split-testing and measurement, we consistently improve our focus on your target markets.
  5. Create metrics for you that are aggressive, yet realistic and obtainable. When you work with FMP, you will know how much it costs to generate an inquiry, a lead, an opportunity and a new customer acquisition.
  6. Communicate to your prospects and motivate them to action in language that is clear, compelling and targeted.
  7. Develop a strong call to action for each of your outbound communications. Whenever possible, use low-cost social media tools like Twitter, LinkedIn and blogs to generate sales leads.
  8. Help you stay up to date on the relevant lead generation media and techniques, and look for ways to boost effectiveness. Whenever possible, replace push marketing techniques with pull marketing.
  9. Build an opt-in database of potential future purchasers and reap the benefits of low-cost, highly-qualified B2B leads.
  10. Tightly align the marketing and sales functions to optimize the number and quality of leads while fully supporting effective sales processes.

From lead planning strategy, through program execution and qualification, the FMP team has proven experience in building B2B lead generation machines that are repeatable, consistent, and cost effective.

Learn more about how to calculate and meet your lead requirements by reading this informative paper: Just How Many Sales Leads Do You Need?.

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