Building the Unstoppable Marketing and Sales Machine

b2b-marketing-and-sales-machineTransform your marketing initiatives into a marketing machine. Almost every company does marketing. But relatively few do it on with consistent, relentless and reliable effort that accelerates your revenue growth.

A key characteristic of a marketing machine is that it tends to be driven by pull marketing instead of push marketing strategies. The objective of pull marketing is to make your company (or you) a branded authority and use this market leader position to attract legions of followers, otherwise known as opt-in contacts. These contacts are nurtured with content marketing and enticing offers, so that by the time they are ready to engage in the sales process, you are the obvious choice. When you are the only or obvious choice, this protects your profit margins and shortens your sales cycle.

Following are some of the specific ways that Fusion Marketing Partners helps you create an unstoppable B2B marketing and sales machine that is strategic, repeatable and predictable:

Analyze Your Current Situation to Create a Foundation for Marketing and Sales Success:

  • Establish your core marketplace differentiation and unique selling proposition
  • Choose the best marketing and sales model to drive success
  • Develop a compelling brand promise, value proposition and top-line messaging
  • Align your target audience and offers for maximum results

Develop Strategic, Compelling, Context-based Content that is:

  • Targeted at the appropriate target audience
  • Media and format specific
  • Targeted at the exact stage of the sales cycle
  • Leveraged: content is created once and used many places
  • Supportive of the overall corporate vision

Create Massive Awareness for Your Organization:

  • Design and implement a pull marketing plan (so that prospects can find you)
  • Build a powerful social marketing platform
  • Revamp or develop a powerful and compelling Website
  • Optimize your Website for organic keyword search (SEO)
  • Establish your company and executives as noted industry experts
  • Develop a strong and lasting media and public relations program

Generate and Incubate Highly Qualified Leads:

  • Establish specific lead criteria
  • Create a targeted lead generation plan
  • Provide an effective process for lead nurturing and lead incubation
  • Integrate social media and traditional media for maximum results
  • Develop a plan to maximize sales opportunities using both online and offline methods
  • Create a closed loop lead tracking system

Provide a Framework for Maximizing Revenue:

  • Utilize the right technologies to optimize the end-to-end sales process
  • Develop a service level agreement (SLA) between marketing and sales
  • Reduce the cost of lead and customer acquisition
  • Develop an ROI model including cost per acquisition and projected close rates
  • Create actionable metrics and reports
  • Investigate new revenue sources including Web-based and channel-driven
  • Synergize and optimize the integration between technology applications – to drive efficiencies in both cost and time

To learn how Fusion Marketing Partners can help build value in your business, contact us today.