105 Days to Transform Your Marketing Results

marketing turnaround

Accelerate Your Marketing and Achieve Major Improvements in Awareness, Leads and Revenue

At Fusion Marketing Partners, our business (and reputation) is built on achieving quantifiable results for B2B companies. We can’t achieve overnight results – but we can give you a solid foundation for success and move you much farther ahead in just three and one-half months.

You need this program if:

  1. Your sales are flat or barely growing – stagnant sales are a sign that your message and marketing are stale. You need to fix this.
  2. You are a startup company – you need to get your marketing and sales operation launched on a firm foundation. This will pay off tremendously downstream.
  3. You are positioning your company for sale or merger – getting your marketing in order can be the difference between receiving an average or a premium price for your company.
  4. You are faced with tougher and larger competition – we know how to beat the big guys and the big budgets.
  5. You want to be a leader in your industry instead of just another player – if this is your goal, the best time to start is right now.

The Transformation Process –
What You Will Receive in 105 Days:

  1. A Powerful and Compelling Brand Promise. You and your prospects will understand exactly how your company is unique and better. You will also have a messaging platform document that contains the brand promise, elevator pitch, vision statement and company boilerplate. In short, you will have all the specific copy necessary to beat your competition.
  2. A New or Revamped Website. If your website is weak, we will create a new one for you. If it is okay in some respects but substandard in others, we will upgrade it. Either way, you get a website that will attract and convert prospects. We are often able to boost your website traffic (and conversions) by 150 to 500 percent.
  3. Lots of new Marketing Content. Content attracts visitors and visitors become customers. But to be successful you have to aim the right content at the right person/company at the right part of the sales cycle as well being highly visible to search engines. We create a specialized content map for you and start delivering content right away.
  4. An Effective Lead Generation Program. We look at where you are in your lead generation efforts and put a plan together that is designed to vastly improve your results as measured in:
    1. Number of inbound inquiries
    2. Number of qualified leads
    3. Number of genuine sales opportunities
    4. Increased revenue
  5. A Head Start on Your Pull Marketing and Social Media Efforts. Pull marketing (including social media) is very effective at generating awareness and qualified leads. We can create the blueprint for your pull marketing programs and handle all or part of the execution for you.

Your commitment: Spend the time necessary to help us (Fusion Marketing Partners) learn your business and assist us where necessary to keep the process moving forward.

Our commitment: Provide the five deliverables listed above at a reasonable rate. Deliver the types of metrics that give you a consistent and unshakable marketing machine.

Due to the time required for Fusion Marketing Partners to complete these deliverables (and serve our existing clients), we can only work on one 105 Day Marketing Turnaround at a time.

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