Complimentary White Papers

Navigating the B2B Marketing Automation Minefield

Select the Right Technology to Solve the Right Problem at the Right Time

B2B Marketing Automation

➤ What is the right Marketing Automation solution for your business?

➤ Is your Marketing Automation system living up to its promise?

The benefits that can be achieved by choosing and properly implementing the right marketing automation system can be significant. Yet too often, the reality is not living up to promise. In fact, the numbers show that this “promise vs. reality” gap is pervasive.

Whether you are going from a manual system (e.g. spreadsheets) to your first MA system, or whether you are upgrading from one solution to another, there are key concerns you need to know about. Our insight is formed by our work with B2B companies ranging from SMBs to billion-dollar-plus category leaders. And regardless of size, the same issues come up again and again when it comes to MA technology selection and usage. We’ve incorporated that experience with answers in this compelling whitepaper.

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Brand Marketing Strategy:

Six Steps to Position Your Company for Greatness

How The Right Branding Strategy Can Accelerate Your Success

I cannot overstate the importance of having a clear, compelling, and differentiated brand. And what do I mean by “brand”? Simply, your b2b marketing brand is the place your company occupies in a prospect or customer’s mind when they think about you. Brand differentiation enables you to separate and distinguish yourself in the marketplace. Your strong brand marketing strategy is a crucial step in generating online prospects for your product or service.

This free white paper will walk you through the six steps to building your unique brand. These six steps will walk you through the key criteria to developing a clear, concise, and differentiated brand. And I introduce critical principles to that successful brand you create.

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Bridging The Gap Between Sales and Marketing

How to Synchronize Marketing and Sales for Superior Performance

A hallmark of successful organizations is both synchronized and optimized Marketing and Sales

However, if you are a marketing manager at a company that uses direct sales representatives, you know that these people can be either your best friends or your worst nightmare. Chances are they are somewhere in between, but you need to remember that your sales team can either make your life easier, or be a constant source of irritation.

This free white paper examines the conflict between sales and marketing. While each department implements overlapping functions, they still need each other in order to succeed. Don’t let internal conflict hurt your bottom line.

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The B2B Business Growth Strategy

How to Drive Sales/Marketing-Fueled Gains

B2B Business Growth Strategy

As a longtime B2B marketing and lead-to-revenue (L2R) practitioner, I see every flavor of client challenge, which can be boiled down to four major scenarios.

  • Companies that have been successful in the past, but are now stalled for reasons like product stagnation or competitive pressure.
  • Companies that have a solid concept/product, but lack an effective go-to-market strategy (e.g. have no achievable lead-to-revenue framework).
  • Companies with an outdated and/or ineffective business model.
  • Companies with a good concept/product and viable go-to-market strategy, but who are not executing aggressively.

This free white paper will walk you through the five steps to have a profound impact on your revenue results in the coming year. Growing any business is hard, but it can be much easier if you follow an identified path. I’ve laid this path out in five key steps. I encourage you to download your complimentary copy to learn more.

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