Highly Effective, Cost Efficient Marketing Strategies and Tactics For Startups and Entrepreneurs

SOPE: Society of Physician Entrepreneurs
The Society of Physician Entrepreneurs, SoPE recently interviewed Chris Ryan as part of their SoPE Box Radio™ series through Castle Rock Radio. Listen as Steve Sorenson, host of SoPE Box Radio, and Dirk Hobbs, publisher of SoPE Magazine, interview Chris on highly effective, cost efficient marketing strategies and tactics for startups, entrepreneurs and others fairly new to the market.

Listen Now as Chris talks about pull marketing strategy and tactics to get market attention and generate leads more effectively and with lower cost. Chris covers the following topics and more:

  1. Why you want to become the Branded Authority in your space. People associate you as an expert in your niche or topic. You want people to come to you and buy from you based on your position in the market.
  2. Brand Promise. What you promise people they will receive when they do business with you.
  3. Pull Marketing Strategies: Best practices from Social Media to PR.
  4. Website Presence: Leverage your website to attract visitors and generate qualified leads.