Whitepaper: Navigating the B2B Marketing Automation Minefield

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➤ What is the right Marketing Automation solution for your business?

➤ Is your Marketing Automation system living up to its promise?


The benefits that can be achieved by choosing and properly implementing the right marketing automation system can be significant. Yet too often, the reality is not living up to promise. In fact, the numbers show that this “promise vs. reality” gap is pervasive.

For example, 85% of B2B marketers using a marketing automation platform feel that they’re not using it to its full potential (SiriusDecisions). And nearly one in four respondents found marketing automation systems too complex to be used effectively (B2B Online).

Whether you are going from a manual system (e.g. spreadsheets) to your first MA system, or whether you are upgrading from one solution to another, there are key concerns you need to know about. Our insight is formed by our work with B2B companies ranging from SMBs to billion-dollar-plus category leaders. And regardless of size, the same issues come up again and again when it comes to MA technology selection and usage. We’ve incorporated that experience with answers in this compelling whitepaper.

  • Why so many marketing automation implementations fail
  • How your processes should always drive technology selection
  • The key usability characteristics that will impact your success
  • Which core marketing automation features you should evaluate
  • The importance of integration with your existing solutions

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Learn more how to best navigate smoothly through the marketing automation minefield.

  • How your processes should drive technology selection
  • Closing the promise versus reality gap
  • Targeting a rapid Time-to-Value (TtV) and ROI
  • Choosing the right deployment model
  • Key features that you need to know about