Just How Many Sales Leads Do You Need? You think this would be a simple question. However, for a lot of B2B executives, the answer is tough to pinpoint. When I ask a new Fusion Marketing Partners client or prospect “How many leads do you need?”, I often get one of three types of answers: “I don’t know.” or “I have no idea.” “A lot more than I am getting now.”    ..  (Read More)

How to TurboCharge Your Lead Generation Engine Creative branding and awareness programs are not enough to give you the results you need unless you can produce sufficient revenue at the end of the process. A strong marketing operation needs to be evaluated to make sure that it meets seven important criteria.    ..  (Read More)

Using SWOT to Pinpoint B2B Marketing Strengths and Weaknesses Socrates was right when he made the observation, “The unexamined life is not worth living,” and this applies equally to the individual, the team, the department, and the organization. Everyone, and every company, has one or more blind spots, and your ability to discover these blind spots is critical to the achievement of your marketing and sales goals. However, it is not just weaknesses that you must discover, but also your strengths, opportunities, and threats.    ..  (Read More)

How to Produce Big Results wtih a Small Marketing Budget Many small- to medium-sized businesses fail due to a lack of an effective marketing and sales program. Entrepreneurs may be very good at their core business, but know very little about marketing. Certain people suffer from the theory espoused by Ralph Waldo Emerson, “If you build a better mousetrap, the world will beat a path to your door.”    ..  (Read More)

How to Accelerate Your Success with Pull Marketing For many years, virtually all marketing was of the push variety, so called because the object was for you to push your promotions and advertisements in front of the prospect. Your job was to push your message and push your offer until you generated the lead or sale. This was also referred to as interrupt advertising because you were usually interrupting whatever the prospect was doing to present your offer (e.g., watching television, listening to the radio, reading a print publication, etc.).    ..  (Read More)

Avoid the Seven Deadly Sins of B2B Marketing You might be familiar with the acclaimed seven deadly sins. They are envy, pride, lust, gluttony, wrath, greed, and sloth. Although the business to business deadly sins of marketing are obviously not as disastrous as those listed above, they do deserve some serious consideration for the good of your business.    ..  (Read More)

12 Great Strategies to Build Your Brand and Increase Awareness Businesses often express the desire (or desperation!) for more leads and more revenue. After all, most B2B companies are successful only to the degree they are able to generate qualified sales leads. But marketing and sales is a continuum, and it starts with awareness. For example:    ..  (Read More)

Driving More B2B Leads with Help from Customer Testimonials and Online Reviews Online reviews and ratings have a major impact with B2B sales. Drive more b2b leads and improve conversion ratios with programs to build positive customer reviews.    ..  (Read More)