Powerful B2B Marketing Strategies
to Generate Qualified Sales Leads

Generate Qualified Sales Leads

"Because its purpose is to create a customer, the business enterprise has two – and only these two – basic functions: marketing and innovation."
Peter Drucker

Most B2B companies are successful only to the degree they are able to generate qualified sales leads. So why is lead generation such a mysterious subject to so many? Considering the stakes, it behooves you to take lead generation seriously and become a master.

Very few of our clients tell us that they have plenty of leads. Like most B2B companies, they have a constant thirst for more leads, better leads, or both. They have tried many different lead generation strategies, but none have proven to be the panacea. That is why we never talk about generating leads in a vacuum, but rather in terms of how lead generation fits into the overall goal of creating an unstoppable marketing and sales machine. And this is also why we talk so much about marketing and sales alignment. Even if the lead generation part of the machine is working to perfection, the leads need to be properly qualified, managed and converted.

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b2b marketingBuilding Awareness: making the maximum number of potential
buyers aware of your unique and defensible brand promise.

b2b marketingGenerating Leads: converting that awareness into permission-based

b2b marketingDriving Revenue: nurturing these leads and turning as
many as possible into customers.