New eBook: The Essential Guide to
Building Your Lead-to-Revenue (L2R) Machine

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If Your Goal is to Rapidly and Consistently Grow Your B2B Company’s Revenue and Profit…

No single tool or tactic is going to get you there by itself. The L2R (Lead-to-Revenue) Machine positions you for success by aligning your marketing and sales models so that all your activities are more effective. This game-changing framework eliminates wasted motion and drives revenue and profits sooner by focusing you on the core structural and strategic components you need to succeed.

This important eBook covers the eight essential components of an effective L2R Machine including branding, sales models, offers, content, technology and KPIs . These strategies bring in more leads and revenue and build greater value in your company.

In the pages of this important book, you will learn how each of the eight components work to support the overall L2R Machine — as well as attributes that guarantee effective L2R initiatives. Mini case studies show you how each component works to set you on the road to strategic B2B marketing clarity — and gains you can measure.

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Learn more about the 8 critical components of a Lead-to-Revenue Machine.

  • How brand strategy impacts your revenue performance
  • Choosing the right sales model for today’s buyer-centric marketplace
  • How B2B content impacts your L2R machine
  • Creating a consistent and predictable lead generation engine
  • Infrastructure and measurement practices that are critical for success