b2b marketing trendsThe Brand Health Analysis and Success Roadmap from Fusion Marketing Partners starts with an in depth 25-point analysis of the strengths and weaknesses of your current brand promise and value proposition (details below).However, while understanding your current state is crucial, it is just as important to identify an effective path for upgrading and promoting your brand.

Who Needs Brand Health Analysis

Companies that benefit from Brand Health Analysis tend to fall into these categories:

  • Those that are falling behind the competition in brand awareness and perceptions.
  • Companies that have added new product or service lines, making the current branding partially obsolete.
  • Those that have undergone mergers or acquisitions.
  • Those that have plateaued in revenue and/or sales effectiveness.
  • Companies that are doing okay but need a jolt of fresh branding energy.

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How Your Company Will Benefit

We find that companies who go through the analysis and success roadmap process achieve five major benefits:

  1. They understand exactly where they are at in terms of their branding strengths and weaknesses.
  2. They have a clear understanding of the positive impact their re-branding will have on marketing and sales metrics.
  3. They have an achievable path to achieving either a re-branding or brand-tuning success.
  4. They have a re-invigorated employee base.
  5. They have the opportunity to reach out to and excite, important stakeholders like customers, prospects, investors, partners and media.


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