Strategic White Paper: The B2B Business Growth Playbook
How to Drive Sales/Marketing-Fueled Gains

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As a longtime B2B marketing and lead-to-revenue (L2R) practitioner, I see every flavor of client challenge, which can be boiled down to four major scenarios:

  • Companies that have been successful in the past, but are now stalled for reasons like product stagnation or competitive pressure.
  • Companies that have a solid concept/product, but lack an effective go-to-market strategy (e.g. have no achievable lead-to-revenue framework).
  • Companies with an outdated and/or ineffective business model.
  • Companies with a good concept/product and viable go-to-market strategy, but who are not executing aggressively.

Yet if you put the strategy and tactics I share in this book into practice, it will have a profound impact on your revenue results in the coming year. Growing any business is hard, but it can be much easier if you follow an identified path. I’ve laid this path out in five key steps. I encourage you to download your complimentary copy to learn more.


All the Best,
Christopher Ryan
CEO, Fusion Marketing Partners


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