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Thought Leadership Articles:

b2b marketingB2B Marketing SWOT Analysis
By Christopher Ryan – President, Fusion Marketing Partners

Everyone, and every company, has one or more blind spots, and your ability to discover these blind spots is critical to the achievement of your marketing and sales goals. However, it is not just weaknesses that you must discover, but also your strengths, opportunities, and threats. continue to article

b2b marketingTurbocharge Your B2B Marketing Lead Generation Engine
By Christopher Ryan – President, Fusion Marketing Partners

Even the most creative branding and awareness program will not produce the desired results unless you can efficiently work prospects through the system and produce revenue at the other end. Therefore, you should continually evaluate your lead generation program to ensure that it meets these seven criteria: continue to article

b2b marketingJust How Many Sales Leads Do You Need?
By Christopher Ryan – President, Fusion Marketing Partners

You think this would be a simple question. However, for a lot of B2B executives, the answer is tough to pinpoint. When I ask a new Fusion Marketing Partners client or prospect “How many leads do you need?”, I often get one of three types of answers: continue to article

b2b marketingHow to Accelerate Your Success with Pull Marketing
By Christopher Ryan – President, Fusion Marketing Partners

For many years, virtually all marketing was of the push variety, so called because the object was for you to push your promotions and advertisements in front of the prospect. Your job was to push your message and push your offer until you generated the lead or sale. This was also referred to as interrupt advertising because you were usually interrupting whatever the prospect was doing to present your offer (e.g., watching television, listening to the radio, reading a print publication, etc.). While some think of push media in traditional terms, there are relatively new media such as Web banner ads, pop-up ads, and predictive dialing that are definitely in the push camp. Read more…

b2b marketingHow to Produce Big Results with a Small B2B Budget
By Christopher Ryan – President, Fusion Marketing Partners

Many small- to medium-sized businesses fail due to a lack of an effective marketing and sales program. Entrepreneurs may be very good at their core business, but know very little about marketing. Certain people suffer from the theory espoused by Ralph Waldo Emerson, “If you build a better mousetrap, the world will beat a path to your door.” They are innocently caught up in a love for their own products or services and believe the world will indeed beat a path to their door when prospects hear about the fantastic new product. This attitude is wrong, dangerous, and not in line with the practices of successful B2B marketers. In fact, more often than not, superior marketing beats a superior product. Read more…

b2b marketingThe Seven Deadly Sins of Marketing and Sales
By Christopher Ryan – President, Fusion Marketing Partners

Although the mistakes you make in business to business marketing are not as disastrous as the original deadly sins, they do deserve some serious consideration for the good of your business.. Read more…

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