Business-Centric B2B Marketing Drives Sustained Lead Generation Success

lead generation companies - dashboardIf you are the one responsible for demonstrating marketing ROI at your company, you probably already know that creative branding and awareness programs are not enough to give you the results you need. You have to be able to demonstrate revenue performance, as well. The B2B marketing niche is filled with players whose true sub-specialties run the gamut from branding firms to social media marketers to lead generation companies – and every conceivable combination in between. But does this narrow focus, often employed by social media or lead generation companies, really provide long-term results for the business?

Maximizing the best practices from across the marketing universe and bringing them to bear on real time leads separates the firms that understand how important ROI is for their clients from the ones who just formulate fancy-sounding strategies (and large invoices). Leads and revenue is where the rubber meets the road.

Business-centric B2B marketers whose focus is providing real business sales advise their clients on the quantity of inquiries and qualified leads that need to come through the funnel and meet revenue targets. They design a measurable lead process that uses conversion ratios and produces a good ratio of qualified leads relative to the total number, leveraging targeted awareness in the right mix of media, from traditional to social networking sites. Moreover, a good end-to-end firm will help a company align its departments and resources to get the right results – making sure that stakeholders agree on the goals and the methodology.

This B2B marketing company will find they best way to assess and optimize and your important resources in order to get superior results. During evaluation of a client’s lead generation operation, the under-performing steps in the process (e.g. the weak points in the assembly line) will be discovered, and the ratios constantly recalculated as leads start to come in.

The result is sustained, optimized performance. Lead flow can be scaled to meet business needs and revenue performance while systematically decreasing cost per lead.

Another ingredient to achieving revenue performance is lead follow-up. When B2B leads are followed up in a timely manner (usually within a day or two), they can be disqualified after an initial screening and removed from the leads list. Critical information is captured about the prospects that remain, with a sharp eye turned to reasonable cost per lead. The process is also sensitive to how the qualified business opportunity lead is handled vis-a-vis sales reps, territories and products.

The B2B marketer that is strong in the end-to-end process can help you design a lead generation program that meets these criteria, allows you to precisely measure your cost of a new customer acquisition, and delivers real time leads. When you know exactly how much it costs you to bring in each new customer, you are then able to focus on lowering the cost of those acquisitions.

By bringing proven knowledge of sales and marketing management processes to bear on lead generation, the B2B marketing firm fluent in lead generation can synthesize more powerful end-to-end strategies and prove itself the more formidable asset – and the one that can impact your company’s top line (revenue) and bottom line (profit).