Professional Services Organization
Experiences Dramatic Online Growth

marketing and sales machineClient Overview

Professional services companies face unique difficulties with building and sustaining revenue growth. Many are limited by referrals and personal networking. A well established provider of high-end, high ROI corporate training services faced these same challenges. Their success depended heavily on just a few significant clients and associated repeat business.

Facing a declining revenue stream and loss of consulting assets, they were ready to make a significant change. Working with Fusion Marketing Partners (FMP), it was time to refine the branding and messaging, build market awareness and increase lead generation.

Remarkable Online Growth Filled the Sales Pipeline at Low Cost

The initial focus was on the branding and positioning of the company. While the company had some of the top expertise of it’s kind in the world, that message needed to be effectively conveyed online. FMP worked with the client to define their unique brand and build the messaging that would clearly differentiate their high-end skills.

The key growing revenue was to dramatically build the client’s online presence and capture significant numbers of low-cost leads. With a new messaging, an optimized website, compelling offers and a thought leadership blog, online interest rapidly grew.

With a strong web presence established, FMP’s focus on filling the top of the sales funnel began to show strong results. The combination of free website conversions and lower cost lead channels drove the cost per lead under $10. Lead volume grew at a consistent and predictable pace.

FMP’s applied strategy produced profound results:

  • A 1,229 percent increase in visitor traffic within 10 months
  • A consistent and predictable flow of sales leads
  • A 78 percent decrease in the
    cost per lead


A Professional Services Organization faced a lack of new business, with revenues dependant on repeat business from just a few significant clients. The ROI of the service offering was a very difficult sale to new clients.


The company was repositioned to build massive market awareness, sustained lead flow, and ongoing revenue performance.

  • Created a sustained and predicable sales lead flow.
  • Decreased the cost per lead by 75 percent
  • Increase monthly website traffic by 1,229 percent

The Marketing and Sales Machine

The Marketing and Sales Machine is designed to create momentum at every part of the process that leads to a predictable and consistent flow of revenue. At Fusion Marketing Partners, we refer to this as being “coin operated.” The business puts some coins (marketing activities) in at the front end of the marketing machine, follows a series of proven processes, and at the other end, and the result is corresponding revenue.

But is a Marketing and Sales Machine achievable? Consider some of the following changes that ocurred as the machine was implemented for their business model.

  • Increased Sales Lead Volume: Sales leads increased at a sustained and predictable rate, allowing the organization to better manage the sales pipeline.
  • Lower Cost per Lead: The average cost per lead continued to drop, even as the volume grew.
  • Differentiation: Branding and positioning helped differentiate the value proposition, preserving margins.