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Fusion Marketing Partners (FMP) provides outsourced B2B Marketing consulting services to assist businesses in generating greater sales revenue from every dollar invested in people and programs. We help build and execute on the foundation that grows marketing and sales success. The result is a framework for generating awareness, qualified leads and revenue that is repeatable and predictable.

FMP delivers successful B2B marketing strategy and execution to business across a wide range of industries. Our team is skilled at working with domain experts and quickly learning the characteristics, terminology and buying needs of a given marketplace. So the right fit is not necessarily the industry, but rather type of product and service offerings, the target marketplace, and the sales model.

Here are some types of businesses that FMP has successfully supported:

  • Software solutions, both Software as a Service (SaaS) and on premise software
  • Hardware or equipment products and services
  • Professional Services Organizations (PSO)
  • Business consulting services
  • Outsourced business services
  • Business products, services and supplies

Equally important are the characteristics of the sales model and the marketplace. After all, a company in a highly narrow niche comprised of 20 potential customers needs to focus on building strong personal relationships with each prospect. The list of customer targets is very small and most likely tightly connected. Here are features of market for businesses that greatly benefit from strong B2B marketing:

  • The marketplace is sufficiently large to benefit from B2B Marketing.
  • The products and services do not require a strong personal relationship to acquire deals.
  • The service offering can be differentiated from the competition
  • The product or service would benefit from greater brand awareness

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