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Why Outsource Marketing Functions?

Is outsourcing a good idea for my business?

As much as we would like to say yes, the truth is that it depends. For many companies outsourcing their marketing can be a lifesaver. Outside experts can provide a wealth of skills that in-house teams may not possess, and their knowledge allows them to operate more efficiently and complete tasks faster. On the other hand, keeping your marketing in-house allows for more control over those creating the work.

No two companies are alike, and the decision will have to be made by balancing both sides. The best strategy for many organizations is to combine both approaches by utilizing an in-house team and supplementing them with outside experience for areas of specialization.

For help making this decision, visit our Outsource Marketing blog article.

Why should I outsource marketing functions to a B2B marketing agency?

B2B marketing agencies like FMP are comprised of industry professionals with years of experience. They know what works from both a strategic and tactical implementation standpoint. Hiring such experts takes the guesswork out of your marketing initiatives and provides reassurance that you will have a consistent stream of new business coming through the door.

What if I already have an in-house marketing team?

That’s great but sometimes you need experts from outside to provide a fresh perspective on your most vexing problems. Our team offers a unique look at your obstacles by incorporating years of knowledge across a wide spectrum of industries. We offer direction, education, and problem solving for in-house marketing teams, as well as fill roles that most teams do not have in-house. FMP supplements your existing marketing department to greatly increase results and overall effectiveness.

What is the difference between an inbound marketing company and B2B marketing agency?

While somewhat similar in some regards, B2B marketing agencies differentiate themselves by going deeper into the sales process than inbound marketing companies. With their expertise in B2B commerce they can dig into a company’s brand image and sales process to optimize all aspects of the buying cycle. In addition, we find that clients need a broader solution than just inbound marketing. This focus not only brings in new leads, but can also train your sales department to close on those leads more effectively.


Why Fusion Marketing Partners (FMP)?

Why should our company use FMP services?

Our team has experience ranging from start-ups to large Silicon Valley successes, and understands what B2B companies need to succeed in a highly competitive market. We deliver:

  • A Lead-to-Revenue framework that generates lucrative, consistent, and predictable results
  • Years of strategic expertise across a multitude of industries to execute on powerful tactics that drive measurable improvements in performance
  • A supplement to your existing staff that promotes efficiency and interdepartmental cooperation

There are many digital marketing agencies to choose from, how is FMP different?

The FMP team has an impressive track record in helping companies build their B2B marketing machine. Yet, realizing that every company and industry is different, we provide customized strategic guidance and tactical execution specific to each client to systematically accelerate their business revenue trajectory. We work with companies to build their direct sales and partner strategies as appropriate, positioning them for long term success.

To accomplish these objectives, we apply a wide variety of custom online marketing tactics to grow brand awareness, increase lead generation and boost revenue.

Is my company a good fit to work with FMP?

If your company operates in the B2B space, is underperforming compared to industry standards, is looking to build a stronger online presence, and requires extensive educational content to motivate leads to buy, you are in position for FMP to provide an enormous amount of value to your business.

What types of companies are not a good fit to work with FMP?

We enjoy working with a diverse array of companies, but there may be some that are not a good fit:

  • Business-to-consumer: While B2C companies are great, our passion lies in helping B2B companies.
  • Incremental gains: We like to really move the needle for our clients. If you aren’t looking for substantial growth, we may not be the right partner.
  • One-off projects: Our goal is to foster long-term relationships with our clients. One-off projects generally don’t offer the opportunity to grow that connection.
  • Marketing experts: We do our best work when we can provide strategic thinking and tactical execution for our clients. If you already have your entire marketing engine planned out, we may not be the right partner for you.

What industries do you work with?

We work with a wide variety of B2B industries including professional services, consulting, software, cloud-based services and business product companies. Our team is skilled at working with domain experts and quickly learning the characteristics, terminology and buying needs of a given marketplace.

Where are you headquartered?

We are located at 3730 Sinton Road in the beautiful city of Colorado Springs, CO. Feel free to contact us today.

Do you work with clients outside of the United States?

We certainly do. One of our more frequent types of international engagements is helping companies initiate or expand their reach into the U.S. We have worked with companies in many different parts of the globe including Europe, the Pacific Rim, and Australia.

How does FMP charge for its services?

We primarily work on a monthly retainer with our clients, for two reasons:

  1. Working on retainer gives our staff the time to become experts in the field and pick up on unique industry language. It allows them to get up to speed quickly and provide increasing value over time.
  2. Our goal is to grow from simply being a service provider to becoming a valuable extension of your organization. A retainer allows us to develop the in-depth relationships with your marketing and executive teams to make that possible.

For more information about pricing, or to get started today, visit our contact page.

Can FMP help with my B2B marketing strategy as well as execution?

When the business situation allows, we strongly believe strategy comes before execution. Setting the course and building a strong foundation is critical to building the B2B marketing and sales machine.

We do understand that certain clients who engage us have significant and immediate revenue requirements. The business may have poor quarterly results or other performance gaps. In this case, we can and will apply immediate tactics to help address the current situation. The focus then shifts to setting the strategy going forward.

FMP provides marketing strategy, a Lead-to-Revenue framework, and tactical execution. From the start of our engagement to profit results for you, we work with your business on every front.


The Lead-to-Revenue Model

What is the Lead to Revenue Model?

The Lead-to-Revenue (L2R) Model is a marketing and sales methodology that combines detailed metrics, measurable tactics, and specific goals to create a strategy that provides consistent and predictable results. It starts with generating qualified leads and follows those leads through every stage of the buying cycle to ensure optimum customer engagement.

Why should I care about Lead-to-Revenue?

The L2R Model takes the guesswork out of B2B marketing and allows your company to automate, track, and optimize every aspect of your marketing efforts across multiple platforms. With L2R, every new iteration of your marketing strategy will be more powerful than the last, better targeted to your ideal customers, and less expensive as you refine the processes, media and investment.

What are the eight components of Lead-to-Revenue?

The eight components of the L2R are:

  • Craft a Targeted Brand Strategy
  • Create an Effective Sales Model
  • Define your Lead–to-Revenue Process
  • Offer Strong Incentives for Conversion
  • Publish Industry-Relevant Content
  • Align Your Sales and Marketing Objectives
  • Implement a Solid Technology Infrastructure
  • Optimize With Your Critical KPIs

For a detailed look at all eight of these components, check out our free eBook The Essential Guide to Building Your Lead-to-Revenue (L2R) Machine.

How do I incorporate the L2R model into my marketing?

Implementing the Lead-to-Revenue model requires dedication to your customers and to the process. Every action you take must:

  • Benefit the prospect and guide them along the conversion path
  • Be consistent, sustainable and measurable
  • Be optimized over time to increase effectiveness

An efficient L2R Model is long-lasting and highly powerful, but it requires interdepartmental discipline from both the sales and marketing teams. To maintain this degree of discipline – and drive results – you need to have a framework of how you will process every new lead.

For more information about getting started on developing your own Lead-to-Revenue framework visit our L2R Brand Strategy article.

How does FMP use the L2R model for its clients?

We use a 10 step process that incorporates all eight Lead–to-Revenue components. From creating a solid lead-generating foundation to analysis and optimization, we guide our clients through every aspect of L2R to consistently grow their revenue.

For a detailed look at our 10 step process, visit our Business Marketing Principles page.


B2B Marketing Optimization

Why should I focus on optimizing my B2B marketing?

Optimization hones your marketing efforts and makes them more effective. Having a more efficient and streamlined marketing strategy means less money spent on advertising and more profit generated.

What is a market leader and how do I become one?

A market leader, also called a branded authority, is a company that forges its identity around consistently providing helpful, forward-thinking content. That content must be educational in nature and resolve the hard-hitting questions that your audience needs answered.

We help our clients become market leaders by leveraging their knowledge of the industry and converting it into a consumable format for their audience. Over time those who benefit from that knowledge return to learn more and follow the company.

What are the 5 steps FMP takes to improve my B2B marketing?

At Fusion Marketing Partners we use a 5 step method to improve our clients’ B2B marketing strategy:

  1. We start by creating a foundation for marketing success. This includes finding the client’s unique selling proposition, developing a compelling brand promise, and aligning their targeting methods to find their most profitable prospects.
  2. We then create targeted industry-relevant content that educates prospects in line with the overall company mission.
  3. That content is distributed across multiple platforms and is used to spread awareness of the brand and position the client as a market leader.
  4. From those platforms we generate and incubate highly qualified leads – by utilizing. a closed-loop lead generation plan that tracks leads through every stage of the buying cycle.
  5. Our last step is to maximize our client’s revenue stream by analyzing key metrics and optimizing each tactic to improve reach and conversion rates. This helps reduce cost per acquisition and improves ROI across the board.

Visit our B2B Marketing Optimization page for more information about each of the steps listed above.


Sales Process Optimization

Why does my company need sales process optimization?

Like many others, your company may have a disconnect between your marketing and sales departments. While not intentional, this situation can put an enormous amount of strain on your business. Misalignment between sales and marketing can lead to poor forecasting and failure to achieve sales quotas. Sales process optimization removes the barriers between your sales and marketing operations to improve teamwork and enable both departments to be more effective, individually and collectively.

Does Fusion Marketing Partners help improve my sales strategy?

Absolutely. Our Sales Enablement program encompasses all aspects of the sales cycle and provides the necessary transparency to uncover and optimize underperforming processes. This leads to lower cost per customer acquisition, shorter sales cycle, and improved close rates.

What are the five key sales enablement areas FMP helps improve?

After conducting a complete Sales Process Evaluation we develop a strategy focused on:

  1. Sales and marketing automation alignment – Ensuring your web presence and other online efforts are fully aligned with your CRM and other systems.
  2. Pricing and product strategy – Incorporating expertise from C-level consultants with extensive sales, marketing and product management experience.
  3. Designing and implementing a prototype sales model – Proving the effectiveness of the sales process model before widespread adoption.
  4. Testing, monitoring and refinement of the sales process – Optimizing the sales process to become more efficient and profitable.
  5. Sales training and coaching – Education on sales process efficiency.

To learn more about our 5 step process, visit our Sales Enablement page.


Measuring Marketing Results

Are FMP’s marketing tactics measurable?

Measurability is the focal point of every strategy we implement. Without it we would not be able to provide real-time optimization and keep driving consistent leads through the sales funnel. You can rest assured that we will always be analyzing and taking action on every tactic we execute on behalf of your brand. To see how we utilize analytics for our clients, check out our SaaS Case Study.

What kind of results can I expect from working with you?

Our comprehensive Sales Enablement and Lead-to-Revenue programs provide a wealth of benefits including increased lead volume, shorter sales cycles, and lower cost per customer acquisition. To see specific results we have created for clients visit our Clients and Industry page, or view our Software Case Study.

How often am I informed of my marketing results?

We work with our clients on a regular basis to develop strategy, optimize tactics and coordinate tactical execution. Some of our clients prefer to have a dedicated meeting once a week to review results, and others prefer a monthly schedule. We are always willing to work with what makes you and your team comfortable.


Getting Started with FMP

What are the typical steps to getting started?

Your first step is to contact FMP. We’ll organize a call to meet and discuss your specific needs. If there is a good fit, we’ll provide a customized marketing proposal based on your specific needs and objectives.