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Grade Your Marketing Effectiveness

Let's face it. B2B Marketing is tough and B2B Marketers and sales managers face numerous challenges, including

  • A weak or poorly differentated value proposition
  • Less than optimal synergy between marketing and sales
  • A marketing and sales model that doesn't deliver needed results
  • Ineffective and inefficient processes
  • Inability to take advantage of new marketing methods and technologies

The bottom line you are seeking is to increase your marketplace awareness, generate more qualified leads and lower the cost of lead acquisition and sales. And to do this, you must know your organization's strengths and weaknesses. But when you are in the middle of day-to-day operations, sometimes you forget to take a step back and assess all aspects of your marketing and sales programs.

So Why a Marketing Effectiveness Self-Assessment?

  • It's Valuable  Receive feedback on all aspects of your marketing and sales effectiveness.
  • It's Fast  You can instantly view the results of your self-assessment.
  • It's Private  We won't share your data with anyone.
  • No Obligation  The assessment is free. But we're available to help.