“Chris Ryan was our VP of Marketing when I was CEO of Optika and EVP of Worldwide Operations at Stellent. Chris is an outstanding, results-driven marketing leader who built a successful marketing machine for the company that consistently delivered the awareness and qualified leads we needed to achieve our revenue goals. Chris is very savvy about all parts of B2B marketing and sales, on both the strategic and tactical levels.”
Mark Ruport – Former CEO, Optika, Inc.

“Chris Ryan is an outstanding B2B marketer. His impact on the company’s success was felt every day. Combining industry knowledge with expertise in driving marketplace awareness, social media marketing and value proposition development, he established our company as the de facto leader in SaaS-based ECM. In addition, Chris’ focus on sales pipeline development allowed us to rapidly gain traction with several of our solutions offerings. He was a pleasure to work with and was an invaluable business partner to our direct and channel sales teams. I highly recommend Chris Ryan and Fusion Marketing Partners.”
Frank Skubal, VP Sales – SpringCM, Inc.

“Chris Ryan was instrumental in creating tremendous amounts of awareness for our business as well as generating high quality sales leads. He and his team know how to deliver results quickly. I highly recommend Fusion Marketing Partners.”
Guy Hildebrand, Director of Business Development-Sharklet Technologies

“Chris Ryan is one of the most creative, innovative and metrics-driven professionals in B2B marketing. He is a widely respected and passionate professional with an extensive and comprehensive knowledge of dynamic industry trends, business-critical pain points, key buyer motivations, emerging Web 2.0 opportunities, compelling target market messaging, and the successful execution of prospect-building, repeatable campaigns. Chris regularly demands the efficient use of marketing resources to generate high returns on invested dollars. He is honest and ethically strong and is also a proven and capable executive leader who delights in creating and managing by delegation strong, savvy, marketing TEAM members in an environment of mutual trust and dedication to exceeding objectives. Finally and most importantly, Chris Ryan embodies the very definition of a true professional: He is good – Knows why he is good – And is always getting better.”
David Alford

“Chris is a rare talent in the industry. His gift is being able to create and execute integrated marketing programs that produce real revenue results, not just “qualified leads.” His leadership abilities also support these results by focusing his Fusion Marketing team on the right strategy and tactical programs to support the strategy. His knowledge of the B2B marketing and sales models is very extensive and he knows how to manage the corporate and executive level messaging and relationships with analysts, partners and strategic customers.”
Sandra McKinsey

“Fusion Marketing Partners is superb at analyzing what B2B companies must do to optimize their marketing and sales operations. They have a deep understanding of the latest Web marketing and social media techniques. Most important, they are extremely results oriented and great to work with.”
Dave Bellandi – CEO, Bellandi Group

“Fusion Marketing Partners has been instrumental in building our business and helping us develop a great marketing and sales model and a strong value proposition. Chris Ryan’s extensive experience in B2B marketing is invaluable in helping us launch our consulting practice into new arenas in a way that contributes to our future success. I highly recommend Chris and his team.”
Jeanne Caldwell – President, Information Management Specialists

“I had the pleasure of supporting Chris on the integration of the Privia product into the SpringCM product line. An exceptional marketing and business executive, Chris is a master at creating marketing programs and developing sales team relationships that drive exceptional results — for customers, shareholders and the company. I hope to have the opportunity to work with, and learn from, Chris again in the future.”
Annie Eissler – Co-founder, Mixtur Interactive.

“I worked on Chris Ryan’s team when he was VP of Marketing for Stellent/Optika. Chris has deep expertise in technology marketing and he applied that knowledge across a spectrum of initiatives while I worked for him – including branding, messaging, product marketing, lead generation, sales development, public relations and analyst outreach. I learned a lot from Chris during my time on his team, he is an exceptional mentor, team leader, and technology executive. Our marketing group routinely met its goals, our level of marketplace awareness was comparable to far larger companies, and we were very successful at generating and developing leads. I highly recommend Chris as a professional and effective marketing executive.”
Jim Petty

“I have known Chris since I hired him as a Marketing Director at Sybase in the early 90s. I felt lucky to be able to hire an exceptional talent like Chris away from a company that was an industry leader in direct marketing software at the time – Group 1. His knowledge and expertise in direct marketing has always been exceptional and was clearly demonstrated by Chris’ later authorship and publication of seminal books on the subject of direct and interactive marketing. I have always appreciated his energy and enthusiasm relative to the discipline of marketing and life in general. It’s clear that he hasn’t lost a bit of that enthusiasm over all the years I’ve known him.”
Ben Martindale

“I’ve known Chris Ryan for some time and have utilized him as a marketing consultant. Chris is a results-oriented professional who understands every part of the end-to-end marketing and sales process.”
Ellen Rome, Vice President Sales and Marketing, StorServer, Inc.

“Chris Ryan has been on the advisory board, and has spoken at many trade shows and conferences that I’ve worked on. Chris has also written articles and contributed many great ideas to the magazines that I’ve worked on. Chris is a marketing expert, is great to work with, and always has many proven and new ideas. He’s a visionary, and a strategic thinker that delivers great value to everyone he works with. Chris is creative, results-driven, and helps people to look at problems and solutions in new ways. He is a confident leader, who knows that implementation is as important as great ideas. I recommend Chris wholeheartedly. He cares deeply about everything that he is involved in.”
Ellen Shannon – Co-owner at Chapel Hill Magazine & Durham

“Chris is one of the reasons I’m still interested in marketing communications. He was a real pleasure to work with (and for). Besides all that, Chris is a true marketing expert who has the ability to quickly develop and guide successful growth strategies for new or struggling marketing efforts. I highly recommend his talents to any relevant client or organization.”
Donne Whitlow – CxD

“I have known Chris for many years and can attest to his proven track record of implementing the most effective methodologies to help sales and marketing organizations achieve ROI and profitability.”
Bruce Corley – Accuvant Inc.