b2b marketing principles

Business to business marketing and sales is most successful if it is based on the right foundation. Fusion Marketing Partners focuses on ten fundamental principles with every client, every engagement, every single time. You will improve your results a great deal if you do the same.

  • To create a steady growth in revenue, you must have an identified and replicable framework, which becomes a model for consistency and sustainable success. This framework is the essence of the unstoppable marketing and sales machine.
  • You must thoroughly understand your competitors and customers to be successful – especially your customers. Knowledge, as well as the ability to quickly deploy that knowledge, is the fuel that powers the marketing and sales machine.
  • You can achieve great marketplace awareness with a message that is compelling and consistent, and most important, the message must be highly relevant to those who are in a position to buy what you are selling.
  • Focus all the resources (dollars, people, and technology) in your organization towards common goals, and eliminate resources that you are not directing at these goals.

  • Establish metrics that are quantifiable, motivating and achievable. These metrics must become a driving force in your organization because they always tell you how well the marketing and sales machine is running.
  • Utilize technology and system resources tactically to support strategic business processes. Technology is a great asset, but only if it supports your business processes.
  • You must monitor and improve every part of the end-to-end marketing and sales process framework – there are NO unimportant steps. Strength in each part of the process will give you exponential results.
  • Sales must define exactly what a qualified lead is – then allow marketing to do its job in delivering that lead. You must have agreement between these two organizations in order to convert more leads into customers.
  • If there are any gaps or disagreements between the goals and deliverables of the marketing and sales organizations, you must eliminate these gaps. Consistency and unity are more important to the organization than a search for lofty but non-integrated goals from specific departments.
  • No matter where you are today, you can begin right now and make constant improvement in your marketing and sales operations. It is usually not a stroke of brilliance that will get you to your goal, but rather, a series of smaller actions that together have large impact.