We created Fusion Marketing Partners as a company we’d like to do business with
and to make great things happen for our clients.
We hope you’ll agree.


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Fusion Marketing Partners

sales and marketing machine

Creating Your Unstoppable Marketing & Sales Machine. FMP provides outsourced B2B Marketing consulting services to help businesses generate more sales revenue from every dollar invested in people and programs.

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Hard-Won Knowledge and Deep Expertise Create Platform for Client Success

Why Fusion Marketing Partners Was Created

Where could two guys apply what they’d learned to help other companies achieve the success that they had enjoyed? This was the spark that eventually ignited Fusion Marketing Partners.

Founder Christopher Ryan was a veteran marketing leader of Silicon Valley, where he successfully managed multimillion-dollar budgets and large teams for giants like PeopleSoft and Sybase. He parlayed this experience into either co-founding or chief marketing officer roles at several technology companies, including SpringCM, Stellent and Saligent. Chris’ passion for execution drove the idea of creating an agile company that provides talented resources to enable rapid transformation.

Co-founder Myron Berg was an early employee of TellSoft and later co-founder of two data-centric technology ventures from which he successfully exited. During his time in the tech arena, he saw frequent examples of firms with great products or technology struggling due to underperforming marketing and sales. How could Fusion Marketing Partners (FMP) help other companies construct a more methodical and effective approach to finding new clients and building value in their organizations?

The two men—who had deep technical, marketing and business expertise and seven successful exits between them—created their chance by founding Fusion Marketing Partners in 2009. FMP would be free to help their clients quickly apply proven and cost-effective strategies without the encumbrance of corporate bureaucracy. Building a successful team around them, they found that fusing new trends with relentless, metrics-driven execution of proven tactics and hard-won knowledge of what makes a business successful were a potent mix for B2B companies that desperately needed a better path to more leads, greater awareness and growing revenue.

Five years and many happy clients later, they’re still at it, delivering results-focused, cost-effective B2B marketing strategy that is supplemented by rock-solid knowledge and decades of experience in marketing, sales, technology and business strategy.



5 Cool Facts about the Fusion Team

  • 90% of our management experience comes from working within companies like yours, ranging from large corporations to new ventures. We’ve been through acquisitions, mergers, spin-offs and more and we bring that experience to our consulting practice (we feel your pain).
  • We can talk technology with the best geeks (feel free to test us on this one!).
  • We hate the corporate bureaucracy as much as you do. That’s part of the reason we started Fusion Marketing Partners. But we’re also skilled at navigating the system to get things done.
  • We have a high batting average of successful company exits. About 60 percent of the companies our partners worked for or founded have been acquired and a handful went public.
  • Our management team has a combined 109 years of marketing, sales, technology and entrepreneurial experience. Yes, we have seen most scenarios and try hard not to make the same mistakes twice.

… And more cool things we’ve done:

  • Raised chickens.
  • Toured with a rock band. One team member played guitar with a number of big name stars but refuses to give details of the parties!
  • Lived in Switzerland for three years. This has been very helpful when supporting our multinational and European clients.
  • Climbed every Colorado peak over 14,000’ at least once. And one partner skied several of them (but now prefers ski areas). There are 54 of these peaks and it is considered a major achievement to summit them all.
  • Done stand-up comedy. Yes, our team member is very funny and keeps us laughing!
  • Completed at least one marathon by each partner.
  • Been consistently passionate about volunteering and have served on the boards of organizations like Junior Achievement, United Way and Big Brothers Big Sisters.